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IT Pain Points

Target has been on a journey of challenging the way the large enterprise approaches traditional information technology operations and support. We have done some bold things in recent years, like rocked the boat in the traditional command and control ITIL governance model. And automated 33 percent of all the support workload via a home-grown open source automation engine called GREASE. We have just begun and would love to collaborate with the tech operations industry to continue to drive the future of enterprise operations.

“… a community conversation of how we build enterprise IT operations for the future”

This first conference is the beginning of something spectacular. We want to invite tech operational leaders and teams into a community conversation of how we build enterprise IT operations for the future. With notable keynote speakers from companies such as Google, Slack and Gremlin, to having in-depth breakout discussions on common operational problems, this day is about the tech industry coming together to share, learn and roadmap a better future for all of us.

About the Organizers

Jim Ostergaard is the VP of technology operations at Target with broad experience developing multiyear strategies and driving alignment to business priorities. He has a proven ability to deliver enterprise-wide solutions to a global workforce while achieving operational excellence.

Jill Mead is a passionate leader in transformative change efforts at the organizational, product, service, customer and personal levels. Most notably, Jill drove the transformation of the ITIL change and event management processes head on to align them with DevOps.

James E. Bell is a senior reliability engineer helping enable more reliable technical solutions. He is the author of GREASE and regularly attends technical events in the MSP area. He is passionate about architecture, distributed computing and technical evangelism.

Seppie Sevcik is a lead service manager passionate about improving traditional IT patterns for the future. His career has been focused on leading IT teams with the U.S. Army and the University of Minnesota previously, and now leads projects on an ITSM team dedicated to streamlining technology operations at Target.