Once in a while, there comes along an initiative that really has the potential to make an impact and change the future leadership makeup of your organization. A program that is different than any other before it. Target’s Engineering Manager Immersion Program (eMIP) is one such program.

A little over a year ago, a few of us sat in a conference room and designed eMIP, working through the details of what the program should cover to prepare some of our finest women engineers for leadership roles within Target Technology Services. As I welcomed the engineers to the open house, I hoped that what was said would resonate and we would garner enough interest and applications to the program.

Today, a year later, not only was the first eMIP year a resounding success, with many in the first cohort already becoming senior engineering managers, but we are ready to kick off the second eMIP cohort this week!

While we have tweaked a few things like timing of the program, its tenets have not changed. It will continue to provide specially curated development offerings and on-the-job leadership experiences to prepare participants for senior level engineering programs. Just like our other diversity and inclusion initiatives, eMIP will help promote diversity of thoughts, skill sets and experiences.

Having grown up in technology, I was lucky to have found the right mentors and sponsors. With eMIP, these technology leaders don’t have to depend on luck or work in a high-profile program to build the skills or get the visibility to grow in their careers.

If you are at the Grace Hopper conference next week, don’t miss the Target booth, where we would love to tell you more about not only eMIP, but also about the many tech initiatives at Target that are making our guests’ experiences better.

About the Author

Mitali Mathur is a senior director of technology at Target.