“It’s been quite extraordinary to watch – going from having 3,000 really good software engineers to 3,000 innovators.” – Target CIO Mike McNamara via ZDNet.

As McNamara noted during his Google Cloud Next 2018 keynote (start at 4:00), cloud technology is supporting the Target of today and helping engineers create the Target of tomorrow.

Tom Kadlec, Target’s senior vice president of infrastructure and operations, also spoke during the four-day Next conference at two unrecorded sessions about Target’s journey to transform its technology team. He explained how Target has taken calculated risks, leveraged open-source technologies and empowered engineers to create more value.

Several Target engineers outlined how the cloud is underpinning their teams’ speed and innovation as they create new experiences for team members and guests alike. You can hear from some of Target’s innovators below:

Scaling Application Deployments Across Target’s platformsJohn Engelman, start at 7:58

Preparing and Operating at Maximum Scale for Black FridayRon Cuirle, start at 28:47

Kubernetes, Kubernetes As Far As The Eye Can SeeEthan Sommer and Jay Chandrashekaran

A Year in GCP NetworkingNick Jacques, start at 24:40

DDoS Defense and Application Protection with Cloud Armor, GCP Security, and MLNick Jacques, start at 14:05