Red Target logo with the word Target in red, above bold black text that reads elevate

Empowering Women in Tech at Target Elevate

Target Elevate, our annual conference in India dedicated to advancing women in technology, is coming soon. Discover new ways to lead, learn, and network in a rapidly changing world, or request an invitation to the conference on the website.

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Target team members pictured on the stage of the Tekne awards, holding a trophy

Target team honored at recent Tekne Awards

Our Product Intelligence team recently earned Target’s first ever award at the Tekne Awards, run by the Minnesota Technology Association. The team was recognized for their industry-leading programs to advance cybersecurity practices and support a strong culture of security across our technology teams.

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Seven members of the Target cybersecurity team, including CISO Rich Agostino and Vice President Jodie Kautt, pictured holding five crystal awards, standing in front of RH-ISAC banner.

Target Cybersecurity Team Earns Top Honors at Annual Cyber Summit

Target’s cybersecurity team was recently recognized as the 2023 “Team of the Year” by the RH-ISAC. These awards traditionally acknowledge teams who strengthen our intelligence community by making an extra effort to share information and practices for the benefit of others. Congratulations to the team on their well-deserved honor.

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Work somewhere you love.

Target’s technology team members are on the cutting-edge of retail innovation, and get to see their work in real time in stores across the country. Join us to see why we are recognized as a great place to work, and to engineer the future of retail.

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Trending Topics

  • Screenshot of top third of a Feature Doc example, titled "Overview." The image includes sections titled "Feature Objective," "Feature Status," and "Feature Scope" with sections listed titled "Feature Deliverables," "Out of Scope & Future Considerations," and "Dependencies & Blockers"

    Cultivating a Strong Product Engineering Culture Through Feature Documents

    December 19, 2023
    By Jeffrey Bursik, Jayanthi Narayanan, and Matt Jesser
    How Feature Docs can improve communication between teams and shrink onboarding times
  • Interior shot of a meeting in a corporate Target office, with a man in a checked button down shirt sitting next to a woman looking at a laptop and smiling, and another man in a dark colored sweater sitting to her other side

    Self-Management for Software Engineers

    December 5, 2023
    By Molly King
    Read tips on how to take control of your career path.
  • Circuit board photographed in red light.

    Firmware Updates: What They Are and Why They Matter

    November 14, 2023
    By Sandeep Mendiratta
    Learn how Target Infrastructure engineers built a fully automated firmware update system.
  • a person's hand holding a smart phone with a grocery list on the screen, including items like apples, orange juice, granola, and eggs

    Elevating Guest Repurchasing Behavior Using Buy It Again Recommendations

    November 2, 2023
    By Amit Pande and Rankyung Park
    Target’s Data Science team shares an inside look at our Buy It Again model.
  • Team member scans inventory in Target electronics aisle

    Solving for Product Availability with AI

    October 24, 2023
    By Brad Thompson and Meredith Jordan
    Read about how Target uses AI to improve product availability in stores.
  • A diagram of a mobile device interacting with Point of Sale devices via POSSUM web APIs

    Introducing POSSUM, An Open Source Retail Peripheral Platform for All

    September 27, 2023
    By Adam Nawrocki
    Learn about our newest open source product which provides hardware abstraction for industry standard retail peripherals.
  • A Target Team Member is fulfilling a Drive Up order with a guest at their car.

    Building a Flexible Platform to Power Target Drive Up

    September 7, 2023
    By Jathin Jayan
    Learn more about Target's Eventing API that makes our Drive Up service possible.
  • graphic describing the three ways in which cyber capabilities apply to ORC - research the adversary, prevent and detect attacks, and investigate and respond

    Applying Cyber Principles to Combatting Organized Retail Crime

    August 29, 2023
    By Jodie Kautt
    How Target's cyber team collaborates to combat fraud
  • cartoon drawing of a smiling child with pigtails, glasses, and braces on her teeth. she's smiling widely while holding a beautiful teapot with hearts popping up around her head.

    Designing Engineering

    August 8, 2023
    By Emi Lyman
    How art and design principles are applied to designing tech repositories at Target.
  • TAC Architecture model showing a sequence dataset on the left with an arrow flowing right to a multi-layered model training, with an arrow to the right pointing to a representation of real time recommendations with model files and recommended items

    Target AutoComplete: Real Time Item Recommendations at Target

    July 25, 2023
    By Bhavtosh Rath
    A look at our Data Science team's patent-pending AI recommendation model
  • Target's patented EasySweep skimmer detection device, shown with a payment terminal that is safe to use, and one with a skimming device installed that puts guest data at risk

    Target's EasySweep – Simplifying Skimmer Detection for All

    July 18, 2023
    By Terry Woodman
    Target's patented EasySweep device protects guests' data from skimmers.
  • example of an image (a hand-drawn camping scene with a tent, kayak, and river) shown in original format, with a lower image contrast, and then with CSS filters reapplied

    Sharing Knowledge on Image Optimization Using Internal Blogs

    June 1, 2023
    By JJ Wittrock-Roske
    Learnings from the recent Smashingconf, and how they apply to the Web team's work at Target.
  • map of the world with blue dots indicating edge locations, with high concentrations in India, southeast Asia, central Europe, Brazil, and the eastern United States

    What is Edge Computing and How Can it Improve Your Website’s Performance?

    May 18, 2023
    By Liam Robinson
    Deep dive on edge computing and edge functions and how they can be used.
  • diagram showing how inputs from the Target web or mobile app feed into a personalization engine that flows through to three microservices that get their data from a Hadoop cluster, model files, and feed back into the microservices and to the feature store before being routed back to the consumer

    Real-Time Personalization Using Microservices

    May 11, 2023
    By Amit Pande, Prathyusha Kanmanth Reddy, and Pushkar Chennu
    How Target's Personalization team uses microservices to improve our guest experience