a close-up of hands holding a Target store device with a screen showing the new Store Companion technology

Target Announces Transformative GenAI Technology for Store Team Members

Target recently announced the roll out of a new GenAI tool, called “Store Companion,” to our nearly 2,000 stores by August this year. CIO Brett Craig praises the innovative new technology as “making it even easier for our team to do their jobs and to bring more of what guests love about shopping to life.”

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Ulta CISO Diane Brown, Target CISO Rich Agostino, and Christian Beckner of NRF photographed together on a stage against a purple background that, reads “NRF Protect” with Rich Agostino holding a crystal award

NRF Recognizes Rich Agostino with Retail Cybersecurity Leadership Award

Target’s Chief Information Security Officer Rich Agostino was recently recognized by the National Retail Federation with their NRF Retail Cybersecurity Leadership Award. This annual award honors leaders whose cumulative contributions have made positive impacts on the state of cybersecurity in the retail industry.

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headshot of Target CISO Rich Agostino, a man with olive skin and dark brown hair, with his arms folded, wearing a light blue button-down shirt and navy-blue blazer

Target CISO Rich Agostino Featured on Retail & Hospitality ISAC Podcast

Target’s Rich Agostino recently sat down for an interview on the RH-ISAC podcast. He shares his thoughts on developing a career in cybersecurity, his guiding principle that cybersecurity is a team sport, and examples of some of the tools that Target developed to share with the greater community.

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exterior shot of a large Drive Up bay outside of a Target store with a tall white canopy overhang, and marked parking spots underneath

Is Target Becoming Retail’s Newest Tech Giant?

Chain Store Age recently highlighted Target’s strides in tech innovation. Read more about our work in Artificial Intelligence, supply chain, and delivery innovation and how these enhance the shopping experience for our guests and improve enterprise operations for our teams.

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